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Of the Earth Community

Of The Earth is a holistic community of divine women, men and children striving to embody

Love and Light. 


Community spirit is powerful. When like-minded individuals and families come together to apply the knowledge and wisdom collected from our human journeys, we can create a new way of sacred living that's on the leading edge of a new age.  


This is how we birth change. 

"We don't hold babies so mothers can work. We work so mothers can hold babies." ~Mariana Riley

Rainbow Family Homes

Rainbow Family Homes are communal living homes that support individuals in consciously creating lives of love and harmony. Our vision is to build community homes around the world that can serve as hubs for urban gypsy families where they can connect with community, celebrate each other and gather resources to further their travels.

Every Rainbow House offers a healing room; a music & dance room; outdoor & indoor bathrooms, kitchens and sleeping accommodations; permascape, sweat lodges, performance stages, water catchment and alternative building houses. 

Each house specializes in a different area. The Riley Rainbow Family House in South Phoenix focuses on family, circus, healing, art, dance and fire walking.

We are one of the few collectives that offer full immersion in family life, and an opportunity to get directly to Source by connecting with family and children.

If our community values speak to your heart, please consider becoming a member.

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Thank You!

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