Of the Earth & Riley Rainbow Family Workshops

Of the Earth offers an expansive range of educational and experiential workshops and playshops aimed at guiding individuals further along their transformational journeys. Workshops are offered at the Riley Rainbow Family Home in South Phoenix and can be scheduled for your private and public events.

What type of workshop are you seeking?

Embodied Masculine

Embodying the masculine fully is the first step to walk towards Divine Union, either with self or with a partner.


Sean Riley takes participants on a journey of what this means on a deep, psychological and spiritual level of understanding. This makes it clearer for men to step into the role of guardian, protector, creator, lover, father, brother and advocate. 


Embodied Feminine

Embracing the divine feminine is an essential step towards deeper love, both with ourselves and our partners.


Mariana Riley guides participants through a journey that creates a deeper understanding of what it means to fully embody their feminine energy so that women can step into the role of lover, healer, sister, mother and friend. 


Sacred Union

To be in Sacred Union with another person is a deep spiritual commitment; to learn, share, and grow together; to combine our paths as one yet to maintain our individuality.


Sean and Mariana take participants on a journey of the practical applications of a new understanding of the Sacred Union. 


Sacred Family

Activating the Sacred Family is the natural next step in our practice of conscious living. It's a deep presence - body, soul, and mind - within our parenting. It's about invoking the wisdom that our children are nothing less than reflections of ourselves.


Sean and Mariana explain what it means to activate the sacred family and share secrets certain to bring you family closer together.


Circus Play

Active play is an essential ingredient for a well-balanced life. It raises our physical, emotional and spiritual vibration. 

The Riley Rainbow Family Circus facilitates a range of playshops, including to teach the basics of circus arts, including juggling, balancing, acrobatics, flow staff and more.


Music and Dance

Connecting our bodies with the rhythms of the earth and cosmos leads to a deeper oneness with all of life. Of the Earth offers an array of music and dance workshops for all ages, including: hand drumming, belly dancing, the thrill of the zill, inner goddess dance and sacred movement.