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Of the Earth Multi-Cultural Music

Of the Earth is an award-winning band based out of Phoenix, Arizona that delights audiences with a multicultural experience of sights and sounds. Their music is an amalgamation of old world style with new world resourcefulness and flare sure to bring you to your feet. Feel your soul groovin' like never before as their sensual rhythms captivate and inspire you. 

Meet the Band

From the hearts of Sean and Mariana Riley, with true love's kiss, comes a creation of music, art and dance like none other.

Mariana Riley

Singer/ Song writer, Lead Vocals, Percussion, Melodica, Mistress of the Steel, Lead Choreographer, and Interpretive Dance

Mariana has been performing and instructing classes in music, art, and dance, for over twenty years.

Sean Riley

Singer/ Song Writer, Guitar, Vocals, Harmonica, Interpretive Dance

Sean is an all around captivating entertainer and a gentle force to be reckoned with. Audiences will never truly know the secret that is Sean. 


Just ask his wife.

Jason Wiedman

Drums, Back-up Vocals, and Hand Percussion

Jason was born with the urge to make music. He's a master of percussion and he can create a beat from anything. The soulfullness of blues and the fluidity of jazz are the foundation of his style.

Buddy Appel

Tuba, Master of the Low End 


Buddy has traveled the country since 1970, playing tuba with the best, including the Clyde McCoy Band from the 1920's. He's graced the stage of countless hotels, clubs, golf resorts, country clubs and supper clubs. 

Katrina Rainsong

Back-up Vocals, Interpretive Dance, Snake Charmer

Sultry and charming, Katrina's brand spice brings a hypnotic allure to the stage that is sure to entertain you. She dazzles audiences with a wide range of unique talents that you simply must see for yourself.

Alexis Edmonds

Violin, Back-up Vocals, Guitar

Professional music therapist, healer, and roller derby diva, Alexis helps audiences reach deep into their beings through music and song. Her soulful renditions will move you to your core.

Miciah Dodge

Accordion, back-up vocals, keyboard

Accordionist extraordinaire, Miciah provides performing arts instruction to students all around Phoenix, Arizona. When he's not in the classroom, he's on stage with Of the Earth, igniting audiences with his musical talents.

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