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Riley Rainbow Family Circus

The Riley Rainbow Family Circus tours the country entertaining audiences with an old-style circus arts performance blended with a new paradigm of family life. The show combines daring adventure, wicked fast flow arts, family acrobatics and more to delight audiences from ages 1 to 101.

The circus is available for public and private events, birthday parties, circus camps and family workshops.​

Meet the Family

The Riley children came to this earth to delight the hearts and minds of all who they meet. Their natural-born talents are the cornerstone of the family circus. 


Bella has been wowing audiences around the country since the age of 4. With her graceful stage presence, Isabella mesmerizes the crowd with her stunning Isis wings, defies death while dancing with a sword, and rolls quarters up and down her body. She also doubles as a drummer for the live band Of the Earth Music. 


Jai is one of the youngest performing staff artists in the U.S., spinning his staff on the stage since the age of four. He travels all over the country with his family circus, where he facilitates audience participation, wows crowds with his wicked fast moves and demonstrates the grace that is possible when we're in the flow.


Mia took her first steps into the ring with a seventh generation Italian family circus, the Zoppe's, at age three. She's skilled in  contortion, aerial arts and acrobatics. She tours with her family circus dazzling people with her pole artistry and escape skills. Mia can free herself from any lock, chain or knot!

Sean & Mariana

Sean and Mariana have collectively entertained crowds for decades with a montage of musical and performance talents. Now they proudly share their children's gifts and give you a glimpse into their world. Witness the magic of joyful parenting come to life before your eyes!

Bring the Circus to You

If you want to provide an up close and personal circus experience for the children in your life, the Riley Rainbow Family Circus will come to you! The circus is available for birthday parties, circus camps and family workshops.​

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