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Meet the Family!


Mariana Riley

Universal Mother

On September 21st. 2002 under the Full Moon I first met Sean. He asked me then if I danced on stage at the Earth Mother Mind Jam in 2000 and dropped the sword from a top my head. In that moment I did not remember and said no. The next evening he came to see me dance at the Gentle Strength Coop. It was a magical serendipitous night. I remember feeling like was having a love at first site moment with him. One week passed before we saw each other again and the rest is HERstory.  After spending an incredible time together and exploring every aspect of each other  we new the next logical step towards our spiritual growth together was to become parents. Sean asked me when I would like to birth and what sign I would like our child to be and I said my birthday at 6pm. On my Birthday at 6:30 our first babe was born. On December 31, 2004 we were married.


Sean Riley

Universal Father

At a Music, Art, and Dance event called The Earth mother Mind Jam in 2000 Under the Full moon I first saw Mariana dance. She was abSOULutley mesmerizing. in all my years of watching belly dancers I had never seen anyone dance like her. It was as if I was witnessing a Sacred Ritual that freed all souls from suffering. At that very moment of that thought the sword fell from her head and every one cheered and screamed and applauded for her. My heart ached to talk to her. After she was finished and came off stage she was immediately surrounded by both men and women who were waiting to talk to her. I began to doubt myself and had feelings around why would she want to talk to me. what could I possibly say to her. I left then and on my way home I prayed to a Consciousness I was unsure even existed and I made a bargain that if I could just meet her again and share time with her I would devote my life to believing in the powers that be. It was not until 2 years later we would meet again, under the full moon and when I asked her if she was the one she replied "I never drop my sword" one week later  while looking at pictures of the night we met she said " that was the only night in her life that she dropped her sword and in that moment we both new something very special was taking place. I had met her again, 2 years later. Unattached and ready to begin my next phase of life with her by my side. February 19th, 2004 we were blessed with our first child and we married in 2004. The rest is HIStory.


Bella Riley

Virgin Priestess

On my Mothers Birthday I came Earth side un-medicated, naturally and into a circle of love and trust. I was 2 years old and I remember not wanting my father to leave. I desperately wanted him to stay with us and dance. I have memories of dancing by my mothers side while she facilitated huge classes of belly dancers and I knew I was her. I could move like her and feel like her and love like her. I remember she would sing and stop time. My family had so many wonderful people  while I was growing up and I loved and felt loved by almost all of them. When I was 2 I watched my mother give birth to my brother Jai. It was then that I knew she needed me and I had what she needed. She needed all of me , every inch of me and I gave her my all and my baby brother was born. My life has been a blessed series of events that have kept me in alignment with the things I love Life, Birth, Dance, Music, singing, Family, circus, community, and LOVE ( link her website)




My family planned my arrival and birth. I came 4 days earlier than planned and was one of my mothers most difficult births. One of my earliest memories was watching my sister Isabella dance and wanting catch her. In 2011 my parents joined a seventh generation Italian family circus and my life was changed forever. It was if my entire world expanded to a giant tent and everyone I knew was an incredible performer and the excitement and joy inside and outside the ring made me so happy. When my parents stopped traveling with the circus we began performing with their band Of The Earth. I was very attracted to martial arts and spent much of my time playing or practicing with a stick. At first my mother was not a supporter of this as she felt I could break every window in the house. I remember the day she made the rule I could no longer play with the broom stick and I stormed outside and took my broom stick and began to play/practice and I had no idea my mother was watching me inside . She said watching me that day changed all our lives forever. The next day my broom stick was padded on each end. I loved it so much I took it outside and began to work/play with it and my mother would watch me. This gave me courage and strength to jump in the air. It felt like my body was being held by an invisible force, and if I concentrated close enough to this force I could move my body and my broom stick in such incredible ways and speeds and patterns and my body would feel so strong yet light as air. After years of practice I no longer needed to concentrate but rather I tapped in to what is called the flow and became a 7 year old flow artist and I continue to work on my craft to this day and share it with other young people as a means to self control their concentration, strengthen their own bodies, and feel the flow in their bodies and be the flow in their minds. (link his site)



Priestess of the Moon

My birth was incredible. My family turned it into a music video for their band Of The Earth (link to video) and all of my closest relatives were there. My earliest memories was believing that everything was possible. Magick, high jumps, body contortion, growing things, making things, everything. I remember living in our house with so many people growing food in buckets and playing music. Then I remember being in the circus. I remember the first time I ran into the ring. I was just so excited I could not, not go and my brother and sister followed me and we played with everyone. It was so natural and sweet and felt just wonderful. It felt how I imagine my birth must of felt. My parents were shocked I could remember back them because I was 3. I loved living in our van and traveling and being with our circus family. Now I love traveling to different festivals and playing and talking with all the children and their parents and sharing everything with them. It just feels so good to share with people what I have learned and listen to their stories. My dream is to meet a professional aerialist I can train with and watch perform. Carry their gear and take them in. I am so excited to become an apprentice in my art. In the mean time I am working on my YouTube channel (link channel) to create content in hopes to be supported by my community that I can one day go to college and begin a circus camp for families!



Our Shaman Boy

On Django's 3 Birthday he died and was brought back. The story of his Death and revival and how it devastated our family in every way possible is not the story we wish to share here. We wish to share how before he died many incredible psychics reached out to us to let us know that they felt he was going to die. I knew he was going to die. Over 20 people showed up the day he died to support us, and while we were going through the entire experience I think EVERYONE showed up for our family and son and we all experienced a miracle! When I realized that we were in incredible danger by a corrupt system I had no idea how to protect our family so I went live and the community showed up for us in care and peace. I will never be able to thank everyone for everything other then to say Django is here because of all of you and the work we did together to hold this child and protect him from those that were mistreating us and caused his death, brain damage and necrotic lung. It is a chapter in our families history that is still playing out to this very day as we struggle at times to recover everything we lost from this experience. It opened our work to an entire new demographic to special needs, families who suffered loss, special children connected to the other side. The experience grounded our family in deep and we learned how to walk together in the valley of shadow and shine. Django is our pure heart and soul. He sees deep truths and secrets. he takes on the "energy " of others and reflects it back with raw honesty and authenticity. People shift being in his presence  and he calls out truth with the skill of a clown.  His dream is to be an actor on the big screen!



Spiritual Warrior

Cosmo is a guardian angel. Tapped into pure source energy. able to play hard and love hard and speak truth. He loves having fun on and off stage with us. he is eager to learn everything and loves to be with others. he carries powerful medicine for family and commitment.

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