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Mariana Riley

Birth happens through you, not to you. 

~Mariana Riley


Connecting women to their womb wisdom for over 20 years.

Mariana Riley is a Priestess of the Goddess, interfaith Minister, environmentalist, activist, lecturer in the fields of womb wisdom, witchcraft, the embodied feminine, Sacred union and activating the sacred family.

She works as a channel to the unseen and assists humans in remembering the ancient ways and making them applicable to the current age.

She is the Directress of The Riley Rainbow Family Temple Of Living, The Riley Rainbow Family Circus, Of The Earth Health and Wellness Center, Of The Earth Community and Of The Earth, the award winning band.

She is the Found-Her of the Face bookgroup  In Her Service (link group) a container for...  (copy from site) and The mystery school ~ The Embodied Feminine ( link school)



She facilitates groups, workshops, events and ceremonies including:

  • Red Tent New Moon Circle

  • Rites of Passage Ceremonies for guardianship, Menarche, self marriage, Birth, mothering, menopause , death

  • Women’s Sexuality and spirituality

  • Sacred sexuality

  • sensual pregnancy, labor and birth

  • sensual parenting

  • the alchemy of marriage

  • married to the masculine

  • Magick

  • Earth Medicines

  • Channeling through movement

  • The Art of divination

  • Custom Initiations, Rituals, cleansing's and removals for YOU.




Mariana Riley as young as 2 years old would weep at the foot of the statue of The virgin Mary.

She was born in Phoenix, Arizona to Joe and Betty. Her parents are still together to this day and her grandparents on both sides have all passed after over 60 years of marriage together.

She is the first of Her family to attend college, and is 2 generations away from Migrant seasonal farm workers. Her Grandfather was a band leader and her grandmother fancied yodeling. Her great grandmother was a cudendera from Mexico. Her Italian roots trace back to travelers who roamed the land looking for work and performing.  Music, dance and mysticism coursed through her blood with great passion. At a very young age.

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