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The breadth of Of the Earth's work is strengthened by the loving support of brothers and sisters around the world. We are eternally grateful for the love we receive from our Life Support Network.

Help Of the Earth continue to thrive by becoming part of our Life Support Network. Your loving contributions help us to continue spreading our message of community, hope, love and light from coast to coast. 

Donations help pay for:



Mechanical Repairs




Support for Independent Parents

Animal Care

Community Arts and Healing Tools

Garden and Gardening Supplies

Art Supplies

We've developed multiple support tiers to make it easy for you to make monthly contributions to support our work.


Friends of Of The Earth ~ $15 per month

Lovers of Of The Earth ~ $30 per month

Soulmates of Of The Earth ~ $75 per month

Twin Flame of Of The Earth ~ $100 per month

Lifetime Community Membership ~ $250