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The Riley Rainbow Family Temple of Living

Our Mission

Our mission is to create community through music, art, dance, food as medicine, conscious parenting and alternative commerce that we may support families in their journey to discover and/or remain connected with our spiritual nature together. A conscious movement to shift and create reality the way that is natural and supportive to us. We take a special interest in supporting independent (single) parents in alleviating stress and isolation so that they can feel empowered to raise healthy, happy children and celebrate living. 


We help families come back to each other, through each other.

Our Vision


Our vision is to create locations around the Globe that act as "Bridges" for urban traveling families, truth seekers and world schoolers to plug in to the community around them and gather valuable resources to assist them on their journey. As well as aid individuals in the transformations and healing needed to activate themselves as conscious participators in creating a life of love and harmony. While Visiting the Medicine houses, you and your family are able to experience alternative living practices of the New Paradigm. 


We invite families and individuals to come be a part of something special.  To experience a place that offers a year and a day cycle to live and create with other like minded souls.   

Connect With Us

Thank You!

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