COVID-19 Announcement

To support the effort to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), The Riley Rainbow Family Temple of Living will continue to be closed to the public based on national guidelines to halt large gatherings. Due to the uncertainty of the situation, we cannot predict the exact length of the closure but will communicate new developments when possible.

​Preparing to Reopen 

We are making every effort to prepare for reopening because the safety of our members is top priority. Our facilities are going through the multi-step process of becoming a a safe place to gather and we're following safety and social distancing guidelines issued by health officials.

Of the Earth is a collaborative movement on a mission to build community and activate the sacred family through life, music, art, education and healing work. 

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The Riley Rainbow Family Circus is our families offering to the world to see us doing what we love together. With airiel arts, juggling, balancing, illusionary magic, belly dance, whips, knives and love we bring to you a delightful family show


Music is the cosmic dance that unites us all in this life. Our music is a sensual, passionate celebration of our experiences that share's a story of living, loving and learning

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Of the Earth Health and Wellness Center completes our vision of how life can be. With a wholistic approach we offer care from birth to death by certified practitioners with decades of experience.

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The Riley Rainbow Family Temple of living hosts a year and a day mystery school where we work in circle with witchcraft to release the natural DMT response in the body to illicit profound psychosomatic breakthroughs. ( link school)

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Of The Earth Community is a New Paradigm of Urban Conscious Living and Family Life. It is a network of Community sponsored goods and services connecting people with resources to tap into the local commerce and other like minded folk

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The Riley Rainbow Family Temple of Living provides an opportunity for families to experience community living and connect people deeply to themselves, their children and others. It is a Sacred space where we activate the downloads received to allow our expressive nature and intimacy to flow freely.It is our physical manifestation for how life can be, and the way we choose to live.

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